Amigurumi Toys Amigurumi Toys for Babies

“Amigurwhaaaat?!” they asked us, and boy do we have a lot to say. Let us introduce you to one of our favourite things on the website: the fun, colorful, and sometimes kitschy universe of Amigurumi Dolls India.

What in the world is Amigurumi?
This term, which is derived from Japanese, refers to the beautiful and artful technique of crocheting and knitting stuffed animals, people and other 3D objects. The first part of the word means knit OR crochet (yes, both!) and the second part means stuffed doll/toy. Essentially, it means “knit/crocheted stuffed toy friend!” How awesome is that? Amigurumi: the art of literally MAKING friends.

We at Vincraft India, have recently launched a collection of Amigurumi Toys, Keychains, Winter Fashion for Babies & Kids and a whole lot of handcrafted baby items.

The yarn for the toys is imported from Turkey and designed by artisans in Qatar. The weaving is said to be so difficult that it takes an extremely talented artist to work on the designs. Babies tend to chew on everything they hold, but, our dolls are safe unless if your baby is allergic to yarn. Fabric used is washable and it’s highly recommended for babies as it helps them sleep faster. Vincraft also customises baby gift hampers for baby showers as you browse from our wide collection of baby clothes, cosy toys and baby essentials. Amigurumi Toys can be of any design, shape and size. At Vincraft we chose a menagerie of pets for educational purpose to ensure your toddler is learning and playing at the same time. These Toys make up for perfect cradle toys as it keeps babies occupied for hours discovering its shape, colour while keeping them warm and cosy at all time. Discover unique baby gifts that are thoughtful. Handmade Gifts according to us hold more value than its machine counterparts. So shop a collection of awesome baby gifts only at Vincraft.

Amigurumi Toys Amigurumi Toys for Babies


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