Trending Home Décor Styles – 2018

Many of us have encountered the trending Boho Home Décor styles on the internet, magazines, newspaper etc, however when it comes to decorating our own house we fall in short of ideas and aren’t sure where to start from! A great starting point for changing the entire look and feel of your house is to first understand what you like, your style and the kind of vibe you’re trying to create. You could start off with your favourite colour that makes you happy followed by adding various elements like dreamcatcher, paintings, lighting, colourful fabric, textures etc. Once you’re self-assured about the colour, theme and vibe, you’re half way through creating a beautiful space designed by you. Here are some creative room styling boho ideas you can adapt to enhance your space.

The century old Bohemian Decorating Style is for those individuals who like colourful things, are free spirited and full of fascinating items for your friends and family to see. It’s where we let our messy hair down and imagination loose. The vibrant and playful theme is being adapted from jewellery makers to fashion brands and cafe owners to interior designers. Loved by most of the people – boho decor is here to stay!! If you are a free spirited soul and dying to flaunt the boho in you – bedroom is a great place to start. Here are some simple ways you can follow to bring out the bohemian spirit in your space.

Most Important Rule for Wall Colour: Follow your heart and be free

There aren’t any restrictions or specific patterns to follow when it comes to boho home decor. Bohos follow their own style and have their own taste. To bring out the boho vibe in your room – begin with painting your walls with some warm earthy colours. Be free and take risk with the colours because there isn’t any specific paint rule to follow. If you want a colourful space then follow your heart and be free to do so. Prints over paint look great too! You can pick your favourite flower, feather or any gypsy symbol (peace, sun, hamsa etc) and create a beautiful print pattern of your own over the wall colour.


Glorify your bedroom with bohemian art

To seek inspiration for glorifying your room you can follow some famous bohemian artists on Instagram like: #viviennewestwood #margaretolley #mrboho

If you connect with the style and design created by these famous artists then hang a portrait or two in your bed room. For Boho Home Decor walls are meant to nurture art. Here’s an interesting work of art by Margaret Olley. To see more from her or purchase this eclectic painting you can visit


The ability to put a lot of elements together with different patterns, textures and furniture needs knack. They should attract than distract. Make sure it is placed right at the correct spot. Dreamcatchers, Wall Tapesties and Mandala Paintings are few elements that can instantly enlighten your room.


Life is beautiful, accept everyone as they are – should be your ‘Room Mantra’

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Here’s a great example of Boho Home Decor. There are many elements like paintings, posters, tapestries, textured fabrics and a delightful tone of earthy colours, yet the room materializes well with a natural flair. The contrasting sofas define free-spirited mind, not being restricted by any specific design rule or colour. Thus expresses the Bohemian Philosopy of “Life is beautiful. Accept everyone as they are.” The eclectic red Tibetian Rug gives the room character and all the colours complement one another against light sky blue walls. The Lindsay Print truly speaks for itself and looks pretty too!!


Good vibes is the only thing you need while resting on your cosy bed

Think of your bed – the way you want it to look as you’ll be spending maximum time in it. A cosy and vibrant bed with a generous pile of cushions with a bright shade of carpet and inviting decor adds on the good vibes one needs to complete the look.


Paint a piece of furniture that has a story to tell

Handmade goods always have a special essence of warmth than their machine counterparts because it is made with a lot of care and affection. Painting a piece of furniture by yourself may not save money but definitely bring a smile on your face every time you look at it. Here’s a perfect example of hand painted trunk and drawers that has bohemian print painted all over it. Choose a piece of furniture that has a story to tell. Put your own imagination in to painting the piece of art you want – something that defines you.



Having the right set of lighting in your room can really uplift your mood. To achieve a bohemian filtered lighting you can play with some quirky lanterns or opt for a classic bulb wave. The creative boho mind never falls in short of ideas to add colours with unusual elements. Curtains play an important role in changing the mood of your room. When natural sun light passes through the bright curtains it influences the tone of your room and you will be surprised to see how beautiful it looks. In the night, a quirky lantern or a bulb wave will just help you relax in peace.


Just the way no two pieces of art are ever alike. You will never a bedroom like yours!! Be the designer of your own little space so you can say it loud, “Bohemian and proud”

8 handmade beauties that have gained utmost popularity in 2017

Yes! We all adore Indian Handicraft. According to a new study in Journal of Marketing, machine made products are of superior quality and relatively cheaper than their handmade counterparts. However consumers value Indian Handicraft because machine made products miss the key ingredient of ‘Love’. Several other factors that drive the demand for handmade goods are uniqueness and personalized touch. Consumers believe that the products they’re investing money on have a sense of authenticity as they are made by real person. Until few years ago people were forced to buy products that were available at stores in their area. Now, the internet has immensely contributed to connect buyers directly to artisan’s who make Indian Handicraft and have a story to tell. From beautifully handcrafted dream catchers to quilled jewelry and painted artefacts to organic soap and bath products – the handmade culture and created a cult online. Let’s have a look at some handmade Indian Handicraft beauties that gained some serious popularity online in 2017 and shall continue to do so in the next year.

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers originate with Native American Tribe. They believe that the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams. Dream Catchers are a spiritual tool used to assure positive dreams to those who sleep under them. Bad dreams are caught in the web making sure that you have good ones. They usually consist of wooden hoop covered in net with meaningful sacred items like feathers and beads, hanging down from bottom of the hoop. A Dream Catcher is much more than just a simple gift, it tells the person you gift that you care about their well being and peace of mind. Nowadays, these beauties have become more and more colorful and famous. It has become ‘the’ hippy chic decoration. A perfect statement piece to enhance your home décor. Get yours customized today at


Quilled Jewelry

According to Wikipedia, Quilling or Paper Filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to make decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greeting cards, pictures, boxes, eggs and to make models, jewelry, mobiles etc.  Quilled Jewelry has gained popularity on the internet due to its light weight and uniqueness. Quilling Artists from across the globe are now taking this art to a whole new level by showcasing creative designs every day. It is also one of the most trending handmade arts on Instagram and Pinterest. At you’ll see a unique Indian Handicraft collection of quilled jewelry designed by artisan’s in Rajasthan.






Painted Cutlery

We’ve heard and seen innumerable forms of paintings on different objects but painted cutlery literally have become a thing to own. Who doesn’t love a bit of peppy color and class that embrace our kitchens and tables? It is not only used at home to impress friends and family but also as a decorative wall art in plush restaurants, cafes and boutique hotels. If you’re wondering weather is it food safe, make sure you buy from a reputed store and ask the seller if it is non-toxic. Stay tuned – Vincraft is launching an exclusive collection of hand painted cutlery soon!







Crochet Items

Crochet as we all know is an art of creating fabric by interlocking loops of thread using crochet material. It is globally the most loved form of art that is passed on from one generation to other. While some people think that crochet is dated and old fashioned, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the last few years there has been a huge innovation and the products have gone far beyond scarves and gloves. Artists are now seen making beautiful coasters, bags, blouses, covers etc. It is all about tossing out any pattern and creating your own unique designs.










Leather Craft

Leather crafting is one of the oldest trades around. Artists and crafters in today’s time have turned their hobbies and passion into profit. It’s definitely rewarding but not easy. Be it leather wallet, belt, diary, keychain, home décor accessory – Vincraft offers you a heritage collection of decorative items. Leather Toys that are intricately crafted by Artisan’s in Indore who master in their art are exclusively available on Launching a whole new collection of hand painted leather wallets and bags soon. People have now started to realize the significance of Indian Handicraft and recognize them as unique and connected to human being. One such item that is creating a lot of buzz online has got to be ‘Leather’.











Pom Poms

Pom Poms have created a whole new sensation online and if you disagree you’re lying to yourself and the first step is admitting you have a serious problem. Today pom poms are being used as a decorative piece of art everywhere without making it look too OTT. We see these little beauties placed on tote bags, hair accessories, jewelry, keychain, hats, scarves, stoles, cushion covers, bed sheets, footwear etc. Small in size but big on charm, they look prettier each time we see it on any product. At you’ll find a wide colorful collection of pom pom earringsbagsnecklace etc. The pom pom trend is here to definitely stay!









Wooden Sculptures

Wood carving is found all over India and is one of the most ancient forms of art. Woodwork began as a temple craft, and flourished alongside interiors and sculptures. The designs are first made on paper and further transferred onto the wood using ink. The art is entirely handmade by skilled craftsmen. The wood carving cluster is spread widely across the globe. Each country has its own distinct style and typical products. has a beautiful collection of wooden sculptures for home décor. These sculptures are crafted by Artisan’s in Rajasthan. A must have item to enhance your home.


Soap & Bath Body Products

Soapmakers are exceptional at creating their handmade soap and other cosmetic products. People are nowadays concerned about the ingredients of the product and their body type before trying anything on to their skin. Natural over chemicals is the ‘IT’ trend. Soapmakers are introducing soaps that are made from vegetable oil, herbs, flowers, fruits, leaves and tree bark. Handmade soaps are now gaining popularity over the internet as people have started to adapt healthy and organic lifestyle. It also has a bright future because of its benefits reaped by general users and the elite class are taking huge interest in the same.