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India is home to various crafts, culture and communities. There’s something undeniably magical about Indian Handicrafts. The long hours of workmanship, intricacy, eye-catching and expressive colours, each item has a story behind. Our country is blessed to possess some highly skilled artisans, who have added to the fame of Indian Handicrafts across the world. Passed on through apprenticeship from the older generations to the next, today various form of art and crafts of India remain in the legacy of handful artisans with very few willing to keep alive their bequest.

We embrace the grand spectacle of crafts and it matters to us that our heritage is being compromised. So our plan is to keep the age-old traditions alive, thus with every purchase at Vincraft you are bringing home the legacy of an admirable artist.

It gives us pure joy and a sense of purpose to promote things that are owned, treasured, embraced and passed on. Many communities in the rural India earn their livelihood from the creative pieces of handmade art and we aspire to promote these artisans.

There is a quality of timelessness in each craft item, for they have flourished over the years and continue to be made even today with the same sentiments. They all have their own individual designs and styles. You will see a range of clay items, crochet, wooden crafts, intricate brass items, hand painted flower vases, leather toys and much more. Handicrafts bring a great sense of finesse to every home.

Explore the colours and crafts of incredible India at this rare gallery. There are endless probabilities of what can be designed and created by Indian artisans. All it needs is a little support and vision with our immensely talented craftsmen of India from various corners of this beautiful country. Vincraft takes humble pride in being able to contribute in its own way, to preserve the dying heritage and culture.

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